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International Reports

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International Company Report

The D&B Global File is the largest commercial database in the world. Over 95 million records are available from more than 214 countries with most countries offering electronic access to information.

Assess country risk

Country Report

Contains around 60 pages of in-depth political, economic and commercial data and analysis, including changes in business risk and a detailed forecast of a country's prospects in the short to medium term, covering about 132 countries.

International Risk & Payment Review

D&B's International Risk & Payment Review provides detailed analysis on the risks and opportunities of doing business in over 132 countries. This monthly periodical tracks the economic, political and commercial risk factors that affect trade and includes key data such as payment terms and delays, currency fluctuations and the unique D&B Country Risk Indicator which rates the overall risk of doing business with a specific country.



About D&B Express

With immediate access to Australia's largest business database, D&B's Express credit reporting service offers you instant access to a range of reports for low, medium and high risk business decisions.