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ASIC Historical Extract

Company identification and past events

D&B provides real time access to information from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), the Commonwealth government's independent body responsible for regulating organisations covered by the Corporations Law.

You can also add D&B data elements such as industry classification, credit enquiries, adverse information and more to your report at no additional cost. Find out more about D&B's new D&B Company Extract PLUS.


The identity of a company, a company director and its shareholders and rest assured that the entity is valid and operational.

Extract contains

  • The organisation details
  • The registered addresses
  • The roles in organisation
  • The share structure
  • The shareholders
  • The charges
  • The documents and annual returns lodged
  • Full details about all charges which have been registered against the selected companies.

Tells you

  • Historical Extract provides all of the information in a Company Extract, plus a full history of these details.
  • DOCIMAGE allows you to purchase stored digital copies of all documents lodged at the ASIC by an organisation since 1991.
  • Director Search shows banned Directors in Australia.

And answer even more

  • Has this company been trading for only a short period of time?
  • Where do I send legal documentation?
  • Has the director been disqualified?
  • How much money are shareholders willing to invest in backing the company?
  • Who stands in line before I do in order to get paid?
  • Is there a large turnover of directors in this company?

  • ASIC Extract
  • ASIC Historical Extract
  • ASIC Document Image Small
  • ASIC Document Image Large
  • ASIC Personal Name Extract
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  • $27.90
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