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D&B Comprehensive Report

Should I conduct long term business with this company?

The D&B Comprehensive Report is the most comprehensive credit report. Complex, high-risk decisions call for powerful analytical tools which are found in the D&B Report. It is the most effective report for large exposure. It provides informative, in-depth evaluation of a company's financial stability. Easy-to-read and provides data helpful in predicting financial stress.


Allows you to make daily credit decisions, researching competitors and suppliers, plan sales calls, discover business opportunities, evaluate tender applications and assess major suppliers for government or private contracts.

The D&B Comprehensive Report contains

  • Company identification
  • Business overview
  • Adverse information
  • Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Past enquiries
  • Payment habits
  • Trade references
  • Media/Company News
  • Trade Payment Analysis
  • Indicator of stability
  • Credit limit
  • Financial Statements (if available to D&B)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Operations & History
  • Corporate structure
  • Banking relationships
  • D&B Rating
  • Information Sources

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Tells you

The D&B Comprehensive Report gives you an insight about a firm's long term operations, credit history, profitability and stability, a solid foundation for making your medium-to-higher risk decisions.

And answer even more

  • Is this company just a "one-man operation"?
  • When will I get paid? Will I get paid at all?
  • Has there been any litigation or pre-litigation activities against this company and/or its directors?
  • How much credit should I extend?
  • Is my credit line significantly higher compared to other creditors?
  • How have they been performing? Are they viable?
  • Do their financials compare favourably to the rest of their industry?
  • Do they have external funds it can draw on?
  • How big is their distribution network?
  • Are they dependent on failed or high risk companies?

  • Report
  • D&B Comprehensive Report (recommended)
  • Price
  • $396.00

Our quality practices mean that reports ordered on companies with information that requires updating can take up to 10 working days



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