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Financial Risk Report

Is this customer or supplier at risk of financial distress?

Knowing if a company is likely to prosper or fail is valuable information for companies that are seeking to extend credit. The Financial Risk Report utilises Dun & Bradstreet's Dynamic Risk Score (DRS) to predict future performance. The statistical model utilises over 25 variables including financial statements, company age and structure, charges, collections, defaults and judgments to assess the likelihood that a company will experience severe financial distress or failure in the coming 12 months.


Understanding the risk of a potential customer or supplier experiencing severe financial stress or failure provides invaluable insight for a business. Having this knowledge allows firms to make appropriate credit decisions about which customers they should extend credit to and it dramatically reduces the risk of non-payment due to company distress or failure.

Report contains

  • Dynamic Risk Score (company / industry)
  • Company identification
  • Business overview
  • Adverse information
  • Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Past enquiries

Tells you

The report enables you to understand the likelihood that a company will experience severe financial distress or failure within the next 12 months. It also includes comparisons which allow you to compare a specific firm to its industry peers.

And answer even more

  • Will they experience financial distress or failure?
  • Was the director previously involved in a failed business?
  • Has there been any litigation activity against this company and/or its directors?
  • Are they operating within a high credit risk industry?

  • Report
  • Financial Risk Report
  • Price
  • $170.00


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