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International Company Report

check the risk of doing business overseas

The D&B Global File is the largest commercial database in the world. Over 95 million records are available from more than 214 countries with most countries offering electronic access to information.

D&B International Reports will help you evaluate your risk around the world. You can get the information you need to make profitable business decisions on overseas accounts simply and easily.

Our International Business Information Reports may include:

  • Company identification
  • Principals' backgrounds
  • Payments history
  • Court actions
  • Financial details
  • Business history & operations

To order an International D&B Report please complete the order form »

D&B will be happy to supply your report(s) once you return this form by fax on (03) 9828 3447 with your details. Under the D&B Express Service, transactions are processed via credit card. Please contact us on 13 23 33, or email at with any queries.

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  • North American D&B Report
  • European D&B Report
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About D&B Express

With immediate access to Australia's largest business database, D&B's Express credit reporting service offers you instant access to a range of reports for low, medium and high risk business decisions.