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Why conduct a credit check?

A credit check reduces your risk by enabling you to make informed decisions when extending credit. It allows you to leverage information to avoid risk and advance opportunities - enabling your business to grow.

The information contained in a credit report will empower your decision-making capabilities, enabling you to:

  • Evaluate the risk of extending credit
  • Research your customers' payment habits
  • Research your customers' legal records
  • Qualify new sales opportunities; and
  • Monitor and evaluate your vendors.

Without it, you run the risk of making the wrong credit decisions that will cost your business.

What if you:

  • extended a substantial amount of credit to a company only to find that their standard payment terms were 90 days?
  • trusted that a supplier would produce a critical item and then discovered they had several court cases against them for non-delivery?
  • produced a significant order for a new customer - then learned they had a record of non-payment?
  • granted credit to a customer whose principal had a history of business failure?


About D&B Express

With immediate access to Australia's largest business database, D&B's Express credit reporting service offers you instant access to a range of reports for low, medium and high risk business decisions.