DNB creditgate

Application Processing


Manual online processing

D&B offers customers easy and instant access to the full range of credit decisioning solutions via Creditgate, the sophisticated online ordering system.

Using your unique access details, including subscriber number, password and user identification code you can access the worlds largest, most insightful database. The D&B database, holds information on over 85 million global businesses, 2.8 million of which are Australian. From simple verification tools, such as the D&B Commercial Business Enquiry, through to full, in-depth, analytical products like the D&B Report, all the business and consumer credit information you need to make fast and confident business decisions is available 24 hours a day, 7 days.

Select your preferred delivery method, such as view on screen, e-mail or fax or via CreditGate Mailbox. The CreditGate Mailbox provides a secure personal folder storing all business information reports ordered by yourself and other users within your organisation for 12 months from the original order date. The CreditGate Mailbox is time and cost effective as it eliminates the risk of duplicate report ordering between subscribers and/or offices.


D&B Censeo

Automated Credit Decisioning

Consistent, accurate credit decisions in seconds

Automate your credit application processing and decisioning to help you drive revenue growth, reduce credit risk and maximise your cash flow. Among the multitude of challenges facing credit organisations today, one stands above the rest: Increasing top line revenues, while maximising the available resources to manage the associated credit risk.

Automation overcomes this challenge.

Automated credit decisioning provides quick, consistent results whilst enabling your resources to focus on difficult or higher-value transactions.

D&B enables Automation by introducing Censeo
  • D&B Censeo automates the end-to-end credit decision process including information access, scoring, credit recommendation, notification of decisions and monitoring - allowing informed credit decisions to be made at the point of sale, in a fraction of the time previously achieved.
  • D&B Censeo is customised to your exact credit policies.You can set your own decision strategy by specifying unique policy and business rules that will automate your credit decisioning.
  • D&B Censeo is available on the web based ordering system CreditGate to process credit applications confidently, enabling you to minimise risks, capture more profitable opportunities while reducing costs.

Censeo revolutionises the credit decision making process by automating each step, making end-to-end, instant decisions a reality.

More efficient credit operations
  • Organisation-wide consistent credit risk assessment
  • Blend applicant data, bureau data &credit policy rules
  • Free up resources to focus on difficult or higher-value transactions while saving time, paperwork and phone calls required for manual credit checks on low risk accounts
  • Easy to start with real time web access across your organisation
  • Rapid implementation with no system maintenance
  • Delegate credit evaluation duties to staff with greater confidence
  • Monitor accounts that require immediate attention with D&B Internet Alert
Accurate decisions
  • Instant access to accurate and in depth information on over 2.8 million businesses in Australia & New Zealand
  • Generate a Credit Limit recommendation
  • Customised credit policy, business rules &scorecards
  • Dynamic workflow enabling flexible decisioning process
  • Storage of decisions, credit limit and bureau information for financial analysis
Increased profitability
  • High volume of decision processing
  • Provide quick response to customer enquiries while reducing abandonment rate
  • Upsell at the point of contact through quick credit line approval
  • Pre-qualify prospect before customer calls/visits ensuring maximum revenue opportunities

 D&B CENSEO Flyer (AU) - 295KB


Data Integration Toolkit

Host 2 Host

Automate the integration of D&B information directly into your systems or B2B e-commerce applications by creating your own, unique application to interface with D&B. D&B's Data Integration Toolkit is an easy and flexible way to build access to the business intelligence you need. The toolkit makes integrating data directly into your own systems and applications easy and cost-effective.

It uses standard XML Internet messaging technologies enabling you to access enterprise-wide business intelligence quickly and efficiently. Using your own unique and powerful interface, you'll be able to order, capture and share D&B's world class data into your host environment - into the hands of the people making day to day decisions, to increase productivity. You can even automate your systems to free up valuable resources or support transactions via your B2B application where it's critical to know who you are dealing with.

Data Integration Products have been designed specifically for integration, enabling you to minimise local and regional differences and select just the information you need to perform specific functions, from a simple Commercial bureau enquiry to more complex decision support or vendor management activities. The process is based on data designed for integration so you can automate the monitoring and updating of your whole portfolio, rather than just focussing on the high-risk cases.