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KEY VALUE   Business
and owners identity verification
Company and director identity verification Should I Ship? How soon will I get paid? Has this company been paying others? What is this company's probability of default? How much credit should I extend? Long term business with this company?
RISK FACTOR   Low Risk factor Low Risk factor Moderate Risk factor Moderate Risk factor High Risk factor High Risk factor Very High Risk factor Very High Risk factor
Incorporation Details  
Registered Address  
Owners/Directors ID  
Trading Address    
Line of Business    
Registered Charges    
Directors Identification    
Directors Other Boards      
Contact Details      
Company History      
Parent Company      
Directors Background      
Trading Style      
Collection Notices      
Court Actions      
Insolvency Notices      
Past Enquiries      
Industry Classification        
Net Worth        
Employee Size        
Dynamic Delinquency Score            
DDS Industry Average            
DDS Significant Factors            
DDS Historical Trend            
Trade Payment History              
Dynamic Risk Score            
DRS Industry Average            
DRS Significant Factors            
DRS Historical Trend            
Credit Recommendation Min              
Credit Recommendation Max              
5-year Financial Statements                
Stat. of Financial Position                
Stat. of Financial Perform                
Statement of Cashflows                
Key Financial Ratios                
Industries Financial Ratios                
Bank Details                
Operational Activities                
Work in Progress                
Affiliated Companies                
Branch Locations                
DUNS Number Linkage                
D&B Rating                
Media/Company News                
Trade Payment Analysis                
Information Sources                
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Business Name Extract

Business & owners identity verification

A business name is a name under which a business operates. A Business Name Extract gives you detailed, up-to-date information on the business you are searching on. Use this service to return a current extract in the format of the state business registration service.

Business Name Extract helps you

Verify the business proprietors and find out when the business was founded. This will show you who owns the business name.

Business Name Extract contains:

  • The registration number
  • The date the business name was registered
  • The current registration status
  • The type of business entity
  • The principal place of business
  • The names and addresses of the registered proprietors as held by the responsible business names agency.
  • Whether they are individuals or corporations
  • Any documents that have been lodged against the business.


ASIC Extract

Company and director identity verification

ASIC Company Extract provides

D&B provides real time access to information from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Commonwealth government's independent body responsible for regulating organisations covered by the Corporations Law. Products available include the ASIC Current, Historical and Relational Extracts as well as DOCIMAGE.

ASIC Company Extract helps you

With immediate access to ASIC extracts and reports you can instantaneously verify the identity of a company or company director and shareholders and rest assured that the entity is valid and operational.

ASIC Company Extract contains:

  • The organisation details
  • The registered addresses
  • The roles in organisation
  • The share structure
  • The shareholders
  • The charges
  • The documents and annual returns lodged
  • Full details about all charges which have been registered against the selected companies.

ASIC Historical Extract will provide all of the information in a Company Extract, plus a full history of these details.

ASIC DOCIMAGE allows you to purchase stored digital copies of all documents lodged at the ASIC by an organisation since 1991.

ASIC Relational Extract shows relationships between organisations.


Commercial Bureau Enquiry

Should I Ship?

Check on a business before doing business. Without adequate information, a decision to ship goods to an unknown company can put you in a highly vulnerable position, open to slow or late payments, even the chance your customer doesn't exist.

Delivered instantly, the quickest, most convenient tool for spotting potential credit risk before shipping to a new customer, extending credit or starting a new business relationship, the D&B Commercial Bureau Enquiry can give you ship/no ship advice on every company in Australia. It functions as a safety check on over 2.2 million businesses nation-wide, letting you verify the identity of the business and know about any adverse information that may signal trouble ahead.


Payment Predictor Report

How soon will I get paid?

When it comes to making credit decisions, past performance is a leading indicator of what the future will bring. Knowing how a company has paid other creditors provides excellent insight into the payment behaviour your customer is likely to exhibit - dramatically reducing the risk of delinquency or non-payment. To turn payment history into exploitable information, D&B has developed the Dynamic Delinquency Score* (DDS). Based on past payment performance the DDS is a predictive model measuring the probability of a business paying in a severely delinquent manner. Incorporating the DDS into your credit decisioning process provides additional insight enabling you to decide quickly and confidently whether to accept or reject accounts, adjust terms or credit limits, or conduct a more extensive review. By predetermining a cut-off score, based on approval rate information provided in the report, your credit decisions will be consistent, well informed and virtually automatic. The D&B DDS facilitate faster, more confident credit decisions without the need for costly, labour intensive account analysis.

*Dynamic Delinquency Score (DDS) - The Dynamic Delinquency Score, a compilation of financial, credit and demographic factors, is a statistically derived measure that assesses the probability of a firm paying its bills in a severely delinquent manner (90+day past terms) over the next 12 months. Benchmarked by individual industry segment, the DDS tells you how the company measures up to other businesses in D&B's database.


Payment Analysis Report

How has this company been paying others?

D&B Payment Analysis presents you with the ability to analyse a company's past payment behaviour and expected future performance in precise detail, via objective Trade Payment information, trends, and industry comparisons as well as the predictive DDS*.

Every year, thousands of companies in Australia and around the world share details of payment experiences on the organisations they do business with. Accounts receivable information is loaded monthly into D&B's database which identifies the proportion and type of accounts paid promptly. Trade Payment information can reveal fluctuations in settling accounts over a 12-month period, and help establish whether you are likely to be a priority when settling accounts.


Dynamic Risk Score Report

What is this company's probability of default?

When looking for efficiency, scoring is the key. The D&B DRS Report, combines all the information on a business in the commercial credit bureau and calculates the probability of default in an easy to read Dynamic Risk score.

*Dynamic Risk Score (DRS) - DRS functions as a fiscal crystal ball, evaluating the probability that a business will experience severe financial distress due to one of the following conditions: ceasing operations, owing money to creditors and insolvency. The DRS evaluates business stability and calculates the probability of default. This statistical analysis uses past behaviour to predict future performance - specifically that a business will experience severe financial distress within the next 12 months. D&B defines Financial Distress as Change of Control (eg Receiver Manager or Administrator appointed) or Forced Business Closure (eg Winding-Up Order, Insolvency or Liquidation).

In addition, it includes the respective credit risk for the industry as a whole, putting the company's score in a meaningful context.

Computed from over 100 predictive factors, including financial, credit and business demographic information, the DRS can simplify complex or risky credit decisions by doing the evaluation for you. Identifying varying degrees of risk, the DRS provides credit recommendations, enabling credit decisioning support at a glance for new accounts or high-value transactions.

Using a statistically predictive credit score like the DRS helps you avoid the pitfalls common to traditional rules-based technology such as bias, dependence on the inventor's knowledge and maintenance difficulties. With the DRS, every factor is analysed bias-free, the results validated for statistical significance and counter-intuitive elements are only included if they prove to be statistically predictive. The result? More confident decisions when they count most.


eLimit Report

How much credit should I extend?

eLimit was developed in response to customer requests for more guidance in establishing credit limits or credit lines. With eLimit you are able to maximise sales potential whilst at the same time manage credit risk.

  • Accelerate the credit approval process - eLimit accelerates the credit approval, credit review and management reporting processes whilst maintaining acceptable levels of risk.
  • Provide consistent decisions - eLimit provides consistent decisions based on the same benchmarks when you are unsure how much credit to extend.
  • Reduce the number of accounts on credit hold - Using D&Bís eLimit does not necessarily mean that an account should be rejected, but it may help the decision maker place fewer accounts on hold in order to investigate them further prior to establishing the appropriate credit limit. It also helps credit professionals determine an appropriate level of the applicantís credit capacity, particularly for new customers they may not be familiar with.

How is the credit limit generated? - The credit recommendation uses D&Bís exclusive statistical modelling and risk assessment tools to establish credit limit guidelines based on industry classification, company size and D&B's Dynamic Risk Score, which uses over 25 variables including financial statements, trade payment history, company age and structure, charges, collections, defaults and judgements.

Credit Limit interpretation - eLimit provides two recommended dollar guidelines:
Minimum Credit Limit - A conservative limit, which suggests a dollar benchmark if your policy is to extend less credit to minimise risk.
Maximum Credit Limit - A maximum limit, which suggests a dollar benchmark if your policy extends the maximum amount of credit whilst not deteriorating the risk.

Utilisation of eLimit - The report is suitable when you want to determine an appropriate level of a prospectís trade credit capacity, review account, fulfilling customer requests for increased credit limit and management reporting.

Reports available:

  • 1. eLimit Report
  • 2. eLimit + refreshed ASIC Extract Report
  • 3. eLimit + refreshed ASIC Historical Extract Report


New D&B Report

Should I conduct Long Term Business with this Company?

There are times when credit decisions require more in-depth information, the kind that can provide insight into a firm's long term operations, profitability and stability. Complex, high-risk decisions call for powerful analytical tools, the kind found in the D&B Report, the cornerstone credit report from D&B.

Further contextual information is provided by five years of financial ratios benchmarked against industry norms: short and long term financial risk, efficiency, quality of receivables and assets to sales - as well as a five-year comprehensive analysis of a company's financial position.

The D&B Report provides a solid foundation for making your medium-to-higher risk decisions.

It determines the stability of new or existing customers by assessing a firm's operations, credit history and financial performance to help you make daily credit decisions, plan sales calls, discover business opportunities, evaluate tender applications and assess major suppliers for government or private contracts.

Among other essential details the D&B Report contains:

  • Dynamic Risk Score (DRS)
  • Dynamic Delinquency Score (DDS)
  • 5 years Key Financial information comparative
  • Statement of financial position
  • Statement of financial performance
  • Statement of cash flow
  • Key Financial Analysis ratios
  • New Company News
  • New Trade Payment Analysis