DNB creditgate


St George Group

"St. George Bank has a full suite of lending products meeting the needs of a diverse range of customer requirements. Our customers require efficient and effective service which includes our ability to make informed decisions in a decisive manner. We have to ensure these decisions are based on all available knowledge and the end result is the best result for both our customers and the Bank. D&B are an important provider of a range of information from Company details and performance to individual records. Over the years they have developed a large database of information that has become an integral part of our credit approval and credit management processes."

"D&B have developed a comprehensive database of customer information and products. Our Bank requires access to this data in the daily process of credit approval. The Bank and D&B have developed a close professional relationship which has enabled on-line access to their database and products which has enabled us to significantly expand the use of their data."

"The ease of access to reports at all levels of complexity has encouraged us to use more of their data and the take up rate of usage continues to expand throughout the St. George group. The finance industry continues to face many challenges as we move towards international standards and best practices. D&B have become an important partner helping us find solutions to our needs and their response to our questions is always professional and timely."

"While it is always difficult to quantify bottom line results from optimising the credit decision process, on-line access to the range of information held by D&B has enabled us to become more process efficient, improved our use of technology and added value to the Bank's financial performance. The close business relationship between the Bank and D&B has developed over the years thanks to the excellent level of service we are provided from our Account Manager and supporting staff within the company. Our requests for information are always answered quickly and backed by the ability to produce results..."

Mr Kym Stanbury
Chief Manager, Credit Policy & Compliance


ABB (Australia) Pty Limited

ABB have a wide variety of customers ranging from large corporations to small partnerships and sole traders. Because the diversity of the customer base we need to manage the credit process will to ensure no A/C slips through "the cracks"

D&B has integrated remarkably well and the staff have been very supportive of the processes implemented. I believe the ease of use of the system is a primary consideration in this as well as the ability to search the system world wide for our customers to gain credit risk information.

We've been with D&B for many years and I am happy to say that our rate of debt recovery has been very good in all that time.

D&B has certainly saved us time and provided us with up to date information that may have stopped us making an uninformed decision before using D&B. One major additional benefit still in the planning stage will be the credit decisioning system - Censeo...

Vicki Holwell Group Credit Manager


The Laminex Group

"The Laminex Group manufactures, wholesales and retails decorative surface solution products to all facets of the building and architectural sector in Australia and New Zealand. The Laminex Group has grown substantially over the past four years with the addition of well-known brands such as Formica and Formex to the existing Laminex brand. The company faced a great challenge to amalgamate accounts from three ledgers over a period of 2 years whilst continuing to provide service to our customers."

"D&B reporting services have provided the tools to ensure a smooth transition of three customer accounts to a single customer account by providing access to meaningful credit reporting. Debtors risk management has been introduced with the aid of D&B reports."

"D&B personnel have provided first class service and advice to our credit teams in five states and to the Key accounts department based in Melbourne enabling The Laminex Group to respond quickly to customers credit requirements. We look upon our association with D&B as a partnership offering protection of our debtors' ledger and fostering good business relationships with our customers..."

Dennis Brumby
National Credit Manager


Siemens Ltd

"D&B is our preferred supplier of credit information and have continued to impress with the accuracy and quick response time to our requests. We get professional, reliable and helpful service across a whole range of credit related issues. With sales approaching $800M and negligible bad debts over several years, we value the service D&B provides to our organisation...."

Robert Gould
Credit Controller


Copthorne & Kingsgate Hotels and Resorts

We offer accommodation services to all industry types. Some on a pre-pay basis and some on a credit facility. D&B has allowed us to investigate the financial background of large corporations to determine our risk to the granting of credit. As part of our company policy we must conduct various credit checks to ascertain the credit worthiness of prospective customers. D&B's reports are informative and detailed, and the format is easy to read and understand. They allow us to make informed decisions based on current information obtained. D&B has helped us in the final decision-making process for the granting of credit."

Chris Fitzpatrick
National Credit Controller


Panasonic New Zealand

"We are often in the position of supplying appliance at the end of contracts so a good idea of likely payment history is very important and often was unknown prior to our supply. A D&B Report has been accepted as a good risk assessment of new business by our internal auditors from Head Office in Japan. D&B Reports have given me peace of mind over likely credit risk we may face. Also because it's rare to wait more than a day for information, I can give an answer to our representative faster than had been available in the past."

Geoff Henderson
Credit Manager


Telecom New Zealand

"There are no other companies in NZ who can access the level of information on corporate customers as quickly as D&B. D&B have a world wide presence which, for Telecom who deal internationally, is very beneficial. The service is excellent, the staff are always keen to assist and will call if they need to clarify something. I am satisfied with the product and services provided as they allow assessment for delinquency of payment prior to sale. I would rate D&B very highly both for quality information and for business ethics."

Delaine Wilson