DNB creditgate

Valuable features added to the D&B Report and the Business Information Report to help you make the right decisions, time after time.

The two reports were redeveloped in response to customer feedback and includes:

  • Identification & Summary Dashboard
    Displaying a first page summary of the detailed report the dashboard enables users to easily interpret and understand the risk indicators. Risk Summary items are linked to detail pages, allowing users to dig deeper to better understand the data provided.

  • Expanded Trade Payment Information
    Drawing from +8M trade references, the D&B Trade Payment Analysis gives an objective view on how companies pay their accounts. The only analysis of its kind, data is supplied from D&B’s proprietary Trade Information Program - the most comprehensive record of B2B transactions in Australia.

    D&B believes information sourced from our Trade Payment has a higher degree of accuracy and data integrity, provides greater coverage and a realistic overview of a company’s payment trends.

  • Special events and Media
    Featuring recent newsworthy events related to the business, company news located in ‘History and Operation’, highlights media articles of interest or that may impact the business in the future. Events such as mergers and acquisitions, expansion, awarding of major contracts and financial distress will be included.

  • Summary Tables
    Providing users with quick snapshot view of relevant sections the summary tables enable users to make quick assessments by topic. These can readily identified on screen as tables highlighted with a blue background and in print as tables surrounded by a heavy lined border. Detailed data is presented directly beneath each summary.

    Summary tables have been included in:

    • Risk Summary
    • Trade Payment Summary
    • Collections Notices Summary
    • Registered Charges Summary
    • Financial Analysis Summary

  • Appendices
    Listing of main Information Sources D&B uses to compile the D&B Report, the appendices provides transparency of the data collection process. Users can easily identify where information has been sourced. A Report Explanations and Documents Received section has also been included.
  • Improved functionality
    Expanding and collapsing sections allow the user to choose how much detail they wish to review, display or print.
  • Improved navigation and flow
    Alignment of data to standard business reports such as annual reports help you find information faster.

....and much more.

For more detailed information about new features contact D&B Customer Service on 13 23 33 or via email clientservices@dnb.com.au

* These new features are available for Australian and New Zealand customers ordering Australian D&B and Business Information Reports. www.dnb.com.au/creditrisk/login